Out Of The Storm
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Suspicion…. Passion….Terror

Out of the Storm is now another Amazon Best-Seller available released in September 2013, in print at Amazon.com and The Wild Rose Press website at www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog. All Kevin’s books are available in E-book format on most popular E-book outlets… Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Sony, Cobo, Copia, Bookstrand and many others. The Wild Rose Press also has an app available so you can download books on your IPad and I Phone. All Kevin’s books are also available at select independent book stores

Out of the Storm

  “The most difficult person to forgive is yourself.”

Some brief excerpts from reader reviews. Visit Out of the Storm on Amazon for the complete 4 and 5 star reviews…

“I am a voracious reader of mystery/suspense who demands a fast-paced novel with intriguing characters and plot. Out of the Storm satisfied all these requirements and more. The protagonist Eric is a credible character with whom the reader can empathize. The author endows him with heroic qualities but wisely avoids the clichés…”

Out of the Storm is a page-turner. It begins when a mystery woman (Ashley) appears at the protagonist’s door. The novel slowly evolves into a complex thriller involving domestic terrorists.”

“Out of the storm begins with two very different, but compelling characters. Eric is a retired special forces hero… trying unsuccessfully to get on with his life after the tragic death of his wife and unborn child. Ashley… is charming, but complex, and running from some mysterious past. She becomes a ray of hope for Eric”

“Was Ashley the Dream he’d prayed for or the nightmare he couldn’t escape?”

Once you open Out of the Storm. You won’t be able to close it!

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Bass_River_Marina_postcard_300x270Bass_River_Marina_postcard_croppedGreen Beret Team Leader Eric Montgomery is certain he’s left war, meaningless death and disillusionment behind. After five endless years in the Middle East he resigns his commission and returns to his Cape Cod home. He has two dreams: restore his families’ crumbling marina and marry Elaine, his childhood sweetheart. But when Elaine and their unborn daughter die in a tragic car accident, Eric’s hopes for the perfect life are shattered. His hopes of leaving tragedy and pointless death in the Afghani Mountains were an illusion. Due to a foolish misunderstanding, Eric blames himself for Elaine’s death. As the long empty months pass he hides, fortifying himself behind a wall of regret, alcohol, and cold indifference. Suddenly, without warning, in the midst of a violent nor’easter a young woman and her daughter appear on his doorstep. Eric has met Ashley Fitzhugh only once—a decade earlier when she was a teenager. Precocious, innocent, and lovely, Ashley was the daughter of the woman Eric’s ne’er do well older brother lived with. Now, after a decade of silence her mother’s mysterious death prompts Ralph to insist that Ashley and her seven-year-old daughter leave. Alone and desperate they have nowhere else to run, so Ashley makes the long, difficult journey, seeking out Eric. But a frightening and cryptic phone message leads Eric to believe he may have misjudged his brother… and that the girls may be in danger. As days pass without incident, Eric finds himself warming to the girls, even seeing them as the family he lost. Just as Eric begins to feel at ease with his new companions mystery resurfaces calling their credibility and true purpose into question. While Eric’s feelings for Ashley and her beautiful little girl deepen so does his fear they may not be the innocent runaways they appear. Frightening phone calls, mysterious men following them, and a violent attack on Eric’s marina follow as he and the girls find themselves snared in a web of death, intrigue, and terror. He wonders if this enigmatic young woman and her daughter are the family he dreamt of or a nightmare he can’t awaken from. Ashley’s affectionate young daughter, Eric’s devoted ex mother-in-law, government operatives worthy of Ludlum and Lee Child and a cruel, driven villain augment the strong, complex primary players.  As Eric and Ashley fall in love, he is faced with the reality that his lovely young companion is bait. A tempting prize to catch a man who has hatched a diabolical scheme to make 9-11 pale by comparison. In the fashion of all good thrillers, despite technology and a cast of dozens, in the end only Eric can save Ashley and Kylie from the diabolical and sadistic villain! Out of the Storm is both a romance and a finely crafted thriller that moves in staccato fashion. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Read words of praise for Out of the Storm from these best-selling authors…

“Kevin Symmons’ latest novel, OUT OF THE STORM, has something for everyone: action, adventure, romance—and a clever premise involving political conspiracy…A perfect book to read in front of the fire on a stormy New England night – with your doors securely locked!”

~C.E. Lawrence, award-winning author of the Silent thriller series with NYPD profiler Lee Campbell

“A breathtaking blend of action, romance and terror in an idyllic Cape Cod setting. Symmons ratchets up the tension to full boil while providing readers with intriguing characters they will cheer for.”

~Arlene Kay, author of DIE LAUGHING

“Kevin Symmons has hit the target again with his latest novel, OUT OF THE STORM. A thriller with strong a romantic flavor, Symmons snatches his story from the headlines as his hero and heroine battle a sinister domestic terrorist.

~Chip Bishop, author of THE LION AND THE JOURNALIST.