Rite of Passage Book Cover
Kevin writing his latest novel.
Kevin at the West Dennis Library Book Signing
Beaumaris Castle located on the Isle of Anglesey, home of witchcraft and druidism.
Young Druid Girl With a Sword

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featuring Kevin and Rite of Passage in Wicked Local—Plymouth Old Colony Memorial – By Tamson W. Burgess- “Local author pens period romance – with a mysterious twist.”  BOOK REVIEW

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Chosen a 2013 RomCon Reader’s Crown Award Finalist

For the many friends and fans who have asked… Rite of Passage, like all Kevin’s novels from The Wild Rose Press, is available in Print and Ebook format. On Kindle, B & N Nook, Sony, Copia and every major Ebook outlet, including The Wild Rose Press website! Also available for download with theTWRP Iphone and Ipad app.

Beauty… Passion…Magic

Girl and Headstone

June, 1947 Sebago Lake, Maine. Strikingly handsome 23 year-old Robert McGregor has a life worthy of envy. He’s a Boston Brahmin, soon to attend Harvard Law School and has a lovely young woman awaiting him back in Boston. His perfect life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Courtney Wellington at the home of a family friend. Courtney is the stuff that dreams are made of: exquisite, vulnerable and desperately alone… or so it seems. But Courtney’s identity is more extraordinary than he could imagine. The 40th in a line of Wiccan Goddesses, Courtney and her friends have special plans for Robbie. He’s been chosen to wed her in a ceremony foretold a dozen centuries ago. A ceremony they hope will keep humanity from chaos and destruction. Fearful at first, Robbie finds himself drawn to the young beauty. When Courtney is kidnapped by a rogue Druid Priest, she and Robbie become pawns in a deadly struggle. A struggle that will take them across the Atlantic, threaten their lives, and lead to a confrontation that may affect the fate of humanity. Rite of Passage combines gripping romance with action worthy of Ludlum or Child. Surprise and deception confront Robbie, his brother and best friend and Courtney’s powerful wizard grandfather as they try to wrest her from the clutches of the evil Druid coven. The passion, non-stop action and constant plot twists make it a story both sexes will find engaging.

                  Fans and reviewers find Rite of Passage a page-turner

 “There are many paranormal books out there… It takes one uniquely written to really stand out. I do believe that Kevin V. Symmons has achieved that and more in Rite of Passage.” 

A Book Lover’s Library (12-3-12)

“5 of 5 for Rite of Passage… It is one of those books that catches you by surprise. It draws you in and screams at me…. read me.”

FMB Blog Tours (12-4-12)

Rite of Passage draws you in and you won’t want to stop reading. Action, destiny, suspense, and romance combine to make a historical paranormal romance unlike the others….”

Christina @ Biblio Thoughts (12-7-12)

“It’s a romance with plenty of action, detail and historical impact to draw in readers of all genres, and a truly promising from this author of, I hope, many more.”

I am, indeed reviews (12-10-12)