April/May Update

Well hello again. As many of my followers know, I’ve been sidelined recovering from major back surgery. It has kept both me and my poor publicist, Jeanie Flynn, spinning. We’ve re-scheduled or sadly been forced to cancel several events but now I’m finally back on my feet again (at least for part of the time!)                             

A view of the Amazing plantings near our Plymouth home

And as such I get to see some of the spectacular landscaping that surrounds our home in America’s Home Town: Plymouth.

So… what’s on the horizon now that my world-class spine surgeon has given me the green light to operate again (oops… sorry, bad pun!). Well, re-scheduling of many of the earlier events are on tap at local venues: libraries and bookstores!

First and foremost an event in my old home town that was postponed from January… The introduction of Write-off, the contest that I’m running in conjunction with my award-winner publisher: New York’s Wild Rose Press. And we begin this week on Wednesday from 3 to 4 p.m. at the Queset House, the meeting facility for the spectacular Oliver Ames Library…             

One View of the newly Rebuilt Oliver Ames Library in North Easton

I’ve had some great events here and I cannot wait to tell local students about the exciting contest coming up  and talk about what it’s like to be a published author.

By the way, you do not have to attend any sessions to participate: simply send 2 to 3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font (that’s standard submission format) to ksymmonswriteoff@gmail.com. We already have some fine submissions!           


Trident Bookstore and Café—Best of Boston in 2016

I’ll be back at Oliver Ames later for an adult book discussion, at a special event at Boston’s Trident Bookstore and Café later in May: voted Boston’s Best Bookstore in 2016.

And I’m excited to be back in the city (Boston , of course) doing event(s) with my close friend, best-selling mystery and romantic suspense author Arlene Kay and a new talent, Gus Berger… a fine new author who is fast becoming a crowd favorite!

These are just some examples. Always best to check my Facebook Author Page for all the detail events since times, events, and agendas may change.

 Making great progress on my exciting new Cape Cod thriller, Eye of the Storm (follow-up to my #1 Amazon best seller, Out of the Storm!)… want a teaser and try this one without Google or Yahoo… how long can a human being survive in an air-tight space approximately 10 X 12X 8? And yes, it obviously relates to the plot-line?

Lots of other good things going on… especially book sales, reviews, and recognition, so despite the aches and pains it’s still fun.

On that note, a mega thanks to neighbors, old friends and former co-workers who helped make this weekend a hoot! And good luck to my very old friend of decades Umberto Chuilli!

Oh… you all know I adore Jordan Rich who is back again but I would be remiss this month if I didn’t thank Diane McNamara and her co-host who gave me a prime drive-time segment talking about the Write-off and my work. Diane… you’re the best!

Lots going on and the confusion of getting back into life is challenging! More later on and keep an eye on my Kevin Symmons-Author FB page!

Happy Springtime,


February/March Update

Hello to all friends out there! Here in New England we had our ups (our beloved Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl and we had several days of record warm temperatures) and lows (a devastating blizzard kept us in the house for a couple of days!)

On a personal note, it’s also been a month of ups and downs. On the positive side, book sales have been extraordinary, especially for my 2013 contemporary romantic thriller, Out of the Storm. In great part, due to its selection and promotion as an Amazon Encore Novel it has spent much of the February in the top spot… yes, number one in several different categories, including some major ones like romantic suspense and mystery! Sales of my other books have also been excellent.                 

A Little Hint of one of our Recent Snow Falls!

However, on the negative side, a health situation that has gotten progressively worse and finally reached the point where I must take some action. Thanks to a very happy and active life my poor back had reached its proverbial breaking point!

So, in early March I will be heading to the one of our fine Boston Hospitals to have a laminectomy! I know, I had no idea what it was either till I sought the advice of several fine surgeons when my back pain became acute. Simply put they trim the outer part of one or more vertebrae to relieve the pressure that an aging and overworked spine can put on the nerves that cause you pain in your back and legs.

It should be a straightforward procedure that needs only a few week’s recuperation before I’m back operating at full speed! What it does mean is that many of the exciting things we (my publicist, Jeanie Flynn, and I) had planned have been put on hold.

Some things that got cancelled or put on hold—one of my favorite talks—the 2017 edition of “The Lost Art of Writing a Love Letter,” and several events where we would have introduced an exciting event for aspiring authors called “The Write-Off.” This is a writing contest run in conjunction with my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. Since we’ll be introducing the details when I return to the “road” I won’t give you the details now!

It’s my hope that I will be back in action again by early April, so I may send out a short update in March but please, as we always ask, check my Facebook Author Page for what’s happening.

 Working on my new Novel

At My Laptop in my Study Working on my new Novel

On the positive side, this respite and forced rest time will give me plenty of time to work on my exciting sequel to Out of the Storm!

Special thanks to the numerous well-wishers who have already posted good wishes and thoughts for a rapid recovery at Kevin Symmons—Author. So, a belated Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the next few weeks. I hope to be back in action very soon!

Be well as we all look forward to spring!


     January Update

What would January in New England be without a Good Snow Storm?

Well, hello and Happy New Year! My apologies for the tardiness of this update. It’s been a busy six weeks since our last update. Some of the delay had a pleasurable cause—family, holidays, and a significant personal celebration. Unfortunately, some was the result of a long time back and spinal injury that has been my periodic nemesis for almost 15 years!

December was a busy month. I did several events, highlighted by a return to one of my favorite places to visit—the delightful Simpson Springs Marketplace in my old home town of North Easton. It was a stormy day filled feel of the holidays. A perfect December day in New England. I sold many books, saw old friends, and enjoyed being out and around on a snowy wintry day.

Santa Joins Me at The Simpson Springs Marketplace

I attended several other events including the holiday event with many of my old friends from the Cape Cod Writers Center. The event, which marked my second visit to the Osterville Village Library in six weeks was fun and well-attended. It featured Kelly Ahern, one of the area’s brightest stars in the area of Social Media.

December and early January also saw a variety of book events. We finished another successful Good Reads giveaway that attracted close to thousand entrants. This one was for my popular Cape Cod thriller, Out of the Storm. Our recent giveaways for Chrysalis, my recent (summer 2015) release had also been well attended. The winners for the former will be getting their books shortly. Sales and activity was very brisk on Amazon thanks to holiday traffic and another major promotion… again this one for Out of the Storm. Thanks to their promotion effort on Amazon Prime that novel has been in and out of Amazon’s top twenty in the mystery and suspense genre.

Out of the Storm

Out of the Storm—now Top Twenty in Mystery and Suspense on Amazon

Due to my recent physical limitations, I have asked my publicist Jeanie Flynn to suspend my appearances for a time in January. However, we have an exciting program that we hope to begin in February. In conjunction with my award-winning publisher, The Wild Rose Press, we will be conducting a writing competition. The program is titled, Write-off. A clever play on words coined by Jeanie! I’ll be doing presentations at libraries around the greater Boston area where I’ll talk about the process of achieving publication and accepting short submissions which we will evaluate. The top five will be submitted to my publisher who will select a winner. That writer will receive not only recognition but the opportunity to meet with a top editor or Rhonda Penders, the TWRP Publisher herself. To date the interest we’ve received has been thrilling. I’m hoping my physical limitations don’t inhibit bringing the program forward! More specifics on my FB author page as the time for the contest approaches.

And speaking of my FB Author Page I was gratified when I achieved a milestone last week when my fan likes passed the 2000 mark—a milestone that seemed impossible when I began my publishing career a few years ago.

We also have a varied schedule of other events coming up in the next couple of months. One example is the event we’ll have at the Plymouth Public Library for Valentine’s Day. The event will take place on Monday, February 13th at 7 p.m. It will reprise my signature event last year at Quincy’s spectacular Crane Library. The event is titled “The Lost Art of Writing a Love Letter.” Like other events and programs this one was also the brain child of my Publicist Jeanie Flynn. It was enjoyable to present and attracted a generous audience.

My Valentine’s Event on the Front Page in the Patriot Ledger Art’s Section!

As I said my back issues are problematic and difficult to predict in terms of severity so my schedule may be somewhat erratic until I have the necessary surgery to correct the disc problem. But the good thing is that the “cure” is straight forward and should not sideline me for too long…

As I said I have other tentative events currently on the schedule but will ask you to check this page and FB. One that I hope to fulfill is an invitation to join a friend at a class for aspiring writers in mid-February. A second that I’m looking forward to is speaking before students and alums from my undergraduate alma mater, Northeastern University, at the Trident Bookstore in Boston. The subject will be re-inventing yourself or successfully finding a second career.

Before I say good-bye I wanted to answer a question that I’m asked frequently: What do you read? It’s a great question! I have widely varied interests when it comes to my reading tastes. Over the last few months I have read some excellent fiction: Patriot Threat by Steve Berry, one of my favorite thriller authors, The Trespasser by Tana French, and Radiant Angel by the great Nelson DeMille. But in addition to reading great fiction I am also devoted to several non-fiction authors. I’m a big fan of science and history and just finished an amazing book titled, The Gene, by Siddartha Mukherjee who won the Pulitzer for his previous book, and Valiant Ambition by another of my favorites, Nantucket author Nathaniel Philbrick. And during the summer and fall I re-read The Discoverers and The Seekers by the brilliant Daniel Boorstin.  

Anyway, it’s always nice to talk with you all and again, please accept my apologies for the lateness of this update and my inability to be specific about my schedule for the remainder of the winter.

Be well, enjoy the winter, and always feel free to keep in touch here or on my FB pages!

Thanks, and we’ll talk soon!


December Update

Well, hello and Happy Holidays! Difficult to believe that another month has passed. I’ve been traveling again. It’s been a busy fall but an enjoyable one. For those of us here in New England it’s time to put on the down vest, inhale the sweet smell of wood from the neighbor’s fireplace and enjoy the spectacle of the new moon and the evening star (aka Venus) as they hang in the Western sky. But enough attempts at sensory visualization…

My Attempt to Capture the Moon and the Evening Star (Venus)

My Attempt to Capture the Moon and the Evening Star (Venus)

November and the whole fall have been a very busy time both personally and professionally. A variety of events, lots of travel, and some exciting sales months helped to make it another memorable season. One of the many I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing during my years as a published author. And when I think of memorable times so many things come to mind. Perhaps this special season… a season of giving, sharing and recollections of precious moments brings so many to mind. Thanks to the magic of so many special times shared in photos with friends, fans, and readers. It’s difficult to choose signature events but a few special ones come to mind. Rather than talk about the last month—my usual format—I wanted to share four that came to mind.

The one below is a personal favorite from a charity event last holiday season with several local celebrities. If you’re from the Boston area you will recognize not only me but popular WBZ TV meteorologist Eric Fisher. A delightful person! We raised a lot of money for the Blue Hills Observatory

    Eric Fisher with me at a Charity Event

Eric Fisher with me at a Charity Event

Another of my favorites is this picture taken of me in my study by a photo team from Babson College when they did a feature on me in their Alumni magazine. The article focused on MBA graduates who had gone on to successful second careers.

 In my Study—from the Babson Alumni Magazine

In my Study—from the Babson Alumni Magazine

When it comes to special memories one individual I met years ago has a special place: Jordan Rich. Jordan hosted a top-rated weekend radio show on Boston’s premier radio station, WBZ. Jordan specialized in promoting authors. All types of authors… traditionally published best-selling scribes or local poets with only one chap book to their credit. He played no favorites. I had the pleasure of being a guest for all four of my novels. Additionally, I had other visits, including co-hosted his Memorial Day Special last year. I got calls from my readers and had an amazing number of hits on my website as a result. I also did several charity events with Jordan. He’s on sabbatical currently but was an amazing supporter.

Jordan with me at his Quincy office

Jordan with me at his Quincy office

But perhaps my fondest memory took place in Middleburg, Virginia, and it was thanks to my long-time writing friend and successful mystery author, Arlene Kay. I was fortunate enough to be one of three published authors to present at Molon Lave Winery. The event and the countryside were both spectacular. It was two days at a world-class resort in the heart of Virginia horse country. I would not have missed it!

Salamander Inn and Resort Front View

Salamander Inn and Resort Front View

Thanks for sharing allowing me to share a few of my favorite memories and meeting some of my writing friends.

And by the way, below is a photo of an article from the Cape Cod Times about a recent event I did at the Jacob Sears Library. Thanks to fellow TWRP author and presenter Katie O’Sullivan for the picture. The link is on my Face Book Author Page!                   

      A photo of a CC Times Article on a Recent Event

A photo of a CC Times Article on a Recent Event

Book sales continue to be excellent. I mailed out the five books to the winners of my latest Good Reads giveaway for my 2014 novel, Solo. Thanks to the hundreds who participated. This month we’re doing a giveaway for my best seller, Out of the Storm. Check Good Reads on December 10th. I have several events planned. I’ll be attending the Cape Cod Writers Center holiday event on December 7th. On the 10th I have a major soiree at Boston’s Millennium Place. And on the 17th I’ll return to a favorite location: Simpson Springs Market Place in North Easton. More to come!

I’ll take my leave and wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons. Other events and activities are in th works so please visit my Author Face Book page for the specifics.

Until the New Year… enjoy December!


November Update

Well, we had a delightful October which of course followed a spectacular summer! I had a busy October but before I discuss my events, I must tell you I had two entertaining trips… one to Naples, Florida, one of my favorite locations in the Sunshine state…             

 A Picture of Naples Inlet from out top floor Terrace

A Picture of Naples Inlet from out top floor Terrace

The second, a long Halloween weekend sortie to visit family and friends on Long Island, New York.Both trips were full of fun but served as bookends for events and interesting activities and in my writing life.

Unfortunately, due to the one weekend of bad weather—the first one of the month—we began the month with a great event that was postponed… a black-tie soiree aboard the US Navy Cruiser Salem. Billed as the opening of the “Ghost Ship” (which was to be a Halloween tour event) my publicist had worked hard to include me in this high-profile affair. Best laid plan and all that?

So, we smiled and moved on!

A few days later I was honored at an Awards Breakfast at Stonehill College. The awards were given to several local men for their efforts to help raise funds and create awareness for the tragic and persistent problem in our society of domestic violence. I was recognized for both fund-raising and book events I had done (which also contributed significant funds) with my 2014 mainstream novel Solo. The plot revolves around a brilliant and talented young woman whose life has been dramatically changed by her exposure to both DV and sexual assault.

 The Distinguished Leaders Honored at Stonehill on October 5th

The Distinguished Leaders Honored at Stonehill on October 5th

Later that week I had the pleasure of returning to one of my favorite local radio stations… WATD, 95.9 FM on the South Shore where I shared morning drive time with Lisa and Ed. We had the pleasure of giving away one of my novels and had the 5th caller in less than 30 seconds! Which affirmed we had an attentive listening audience.

Over the course of the entire “Halloween” month, Amazon was promoting my RomCon Reader’s Crown Award Finalist and Paranormal thriller, Rite of Passage, as part of their Encore program. It not only flirted with the top-ten in their Occult category it was #1 on more than one occasion and remained in their top 20 for most of October.

On the last Monday of the month I had the pleasure of doing a writer’s panel with Katie O’Sullivan and Kathryn Knight, two successful fellow authors from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. We had an active and enthusiastic crowd and our venue, the Osterville Village Library, was delightful. Thanks to old friend Tiffany Turner, one of the librarians, who arranged the event.

Katie, Kathryn and me with two of our Attendees

Katie, Kathryn and me with two of our Attendees

We had a giveaway for hundreds of Good Reads readers for Solo which attracted hundreds of subscribers. I consider that a grand success and we’re following it this month with a giveaway from my reader’s favorite, Out of the Storm. It will be a one month event and begin on November 10th.

We have several events lined up for November… more radio events and another panel with my TWRP friends, this time at A Book in the Hand… the monthly writers’ forum run by Elizabeth Moisan at the Jacob Sears Library in Dennis, MA. It will take place on Monday, November 14th at 7 p.m.

I continue to get work done on my new novel… the sequel to Out of the Storm, Eye of the Storm though it is taking longer than I had planned. It will be a 2017 release (fingers crossed!)

As always, I ask you to visit my FB Author Page for up to the minute updates and event info.

I hope you all have a great November, a warm and welcome Thanksgiving I promise to talk to you soon!

Thanks so Much!






Covers for Chrysalis—Now on Special at Amazon Kindle for $.99 through December 18th

 Covers for Solo and Chrysalis—Now on Special at Amazon Kindle for $.99 through December 18th  

Covers for Solo—Now on Special at Amazon Kindle for $.99 through December 18th


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